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About Us

What is Studio House ?


Studio House is a twenty bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation project. It is situated in Basford, a suburb of north Nottingham, close to the city centre with easy access to tram and bus routes. There are small gardens at the front and rear of the main building.  There are two single bedrooms on the ground floor. Six further single rooms and two twins are located on the first floor. The twin bedrooms are to offer support to new residents going through detox.  All bedrooms have washbasins, an en-suite toilet and a TV point. Close by is the second property which residents progress to in a later stage of the program. This four bedroom house  is also self-contained with shared facilities.  Fifteen minutes walk away in Carrington, another 4 bedroomed, self contained unit for those that reach the final phase.  This also has a Support Workers flat attached.

Since its opening back in April 2003, the vision of developing a sustainable and self-supporting community to complement and work as a recovery process has been taking shape. The project works with individual and peer based structures, volunteer structures, with staff intervention based one-to-one work and group work.

The project is aiming to achieve, for all residents, four key aims. They are:

a) Promoting abstinence as a healthy lifestyle choice;
b) developing a sense of Peer relationship to help support abstinent living;
c) moving the individual beyond dependence, independence and towards inter-dependent models of living;
d) Moving the individual into a holistic and long-term-sustainable understanding of abstinence including full-time employment, training, healthy relationships and non-substance related activities/leisure.




The Peer Process


Have you ever noticed times when you act better because you are around other people than when you are by yourself? You can do things better when you are doing them with others. Why is this?

What blocks us most of the time is our own knowledge of who we think we are and what we think we can do – our attitudes, thoughts and feelings. Your peers will often see things in you that you either don’t want to or cannot yet see. Peer Engagement is based on the principle that everyone’s perspective and experience is valid.