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Ian Peskett

Senior Project Worker
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Ian came to Studio House on May 1st 2013 as a homeless addict. With the help, support and encouragement of Studio House, he says we have helped him learn who he truly is and showed him that he was capable of living his life with integrity. Ian says of Studio House: "Studio House introduced me to living with purpose, and then gave me one. I love how poetic that is. The lessons I learned here are invaluable and it would be an honour if I could pass just a little I learned onto other recovering addicts.” In his role, Ian helps facilitate groups, has key work sessions with residents, covers some over night shifts and generally commits to any role or task that is requested of him. "I fell in love with Studio House immediately. The people there and the sentiment they held were new and exciting, I knew I never wanted to leave.  It has helped my confidence, self-esteem and growth no end and gives me hope that I may be regarded as successful by those I hold dear.”