Studio House is run by Two Ways C.I.C,  a Community Interest Company, otherwise known as a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation by guarantee, set up to provide a safe environment for individuals wanting to experience abstinence. We are an Independent 21st Century Voluntary Sector Company: We feed the recovery process and the recovering individual first.

The Community Interest Company:

This company structure combines all advantages and no losses. It is the same structure as a limited company in that the Directors are in charge. This means that it is they who are empowered to make decisions and not be impeded by well-meaning but naturally conservative committees that Charities are often tied to. Ideal for a small, innovative company needing to hold a responsive edge in a changing sector.

Within Community Interest Company status, the company remains primarily focused on its core aims and not on profits for the Directors or shareholders. Similarly, the financial potential is not a barrier as within Charitable structures. Recovery comes first and money comes second.

The company is owned by its members: The staff and the residents. Directors are in charge, but expendable; ideal if proper stabilities are introduced to resist the sways of unjust uprising but to allow proper procedure for poor / bad performance, which they are. Members are automatically involved and can play an active part or experience the ride as they choose.

The local base ensures we keep close to the people we work with, at all levels. There are no layers of company structure to negotiate with or have to cope with. Remember the days when the person you talked with in a company took on your problem and saw it through with you?


There is also ‘Two Ways Learning Enterprise’ which provides quality training development opportunities, not focused on providing certificated people but in providing an off-the-wall approach designed to develop intuitive confidence. If you want the bog standard training packages, then don’t come here. If you’re looking for something with quality but a bit different then come closer. Our training is experiential and real for people.

Two Ways Learning Enterprise can offer companies training in the following areas:

  • Developing appropriate drug and alcohol policies
  • Testing for drugs – issues within the workforce
  • Supporting and addressing your workforce successfully in the area of drug and alcohol misuse
  • Two Ways Learning Enterprise has offered individual training courses in the following areas:
  • Enhancing work-practice confidence (for practitioners)
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem
  • Introduction into Transactional Analysis
  • The ‘Art of Living in Peace’ taster
  • Effective ways of Empowerment