All referrals for Studio House, even if the client has been signposted from another service are classed as self-referrals. This means we need to speak to the client directly.  Once telephone contact has been made and basic details and requirements have been established, we would arrange for the client to visit Studio House for an assessment. This can last between 1 and 2 hours.

The assessment will focus on the clients motivation, levels of honesty / awareness and readiness / suitability for entry into the project.  Both staff and resident co-ordinators are trained to undertake the assessment process, however any confidential issues and risk assessments will only be discussed with staff members. This would also give the client the opportunity to assess the suitability of ourselves for their needs.

If successful, and all eligible criteria have been met, the client will either be placed on the waiting list and be invited to attended a pre-admissions group or may even be given an admission date there and then.

Applications are welcome from self funding clients and from those currently claiming or eligible for government housing benefit.