Q – Do I have to be clean to enter the program?

A – Whilst we do not expect you to be substance free at your assessment, we will rearrange the appointment if we deem your level of intoxication to be extreme. However, all new residents must be alcohol free upon admittance to the program.  Dependent upon which substance and quantities, individuals maybe admitted to do their withdrawal in Studio, this will be discussed during assessments.  Drug and alcohol testing will be done upon arrival.

Q – How is my program funded?

A – Your place at Studio House can be funded in a variety of ways. Usually it is covered by your benefits.  All benefits (Housing, ESA, DLA, PIP etc) are paid directly to Studio House and residents are given an allowance each week for essentials.  Alternatively a place can be privately funded, please call us on 0115 9704245 for current rates.

Q – Is there a waiting list?

A – This obviously varies from week to to week.  Very occasionally we will have immediate bed availability, at other times there maybe a several months wait, if this is the case you would be invited attend the pre-admissions group during your wait.

Q – How long is the program?

A – The program usually takes between 9 and 12 months to complete.  Please see ‘Life @ Studio’ for more details.

Q – Is it a 12 step program?

A – No, however we do attend 12 step support groups as a house and ‘An introduction to the 12 Steps’ is ran as a group within our collective holistic program.  Please see ‘Life @ Studio’ for more details and timetable example..

Q – I have pending legal issues – is this a problem?

A – No, we work closely with CJIT, probation office, courts, social services and solicitors to ensure any outstanding matters are dealt with in a manner which does not disrupt your program unduly.

Q – Will I have access to general health care services?

A – Within their first few weeks at Studio, all residents are registered with the local Doctors, Dentist and Opticians, initial appointments for these are made through the resident Induction Co-ordinator.

Q – What bus routes are you on?

A – Easily accessible from Nottingham town centre on NTC buses 68, 69, 70,71.  Wilkinson Street Tram station is only a short walk away.