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30 years old – Ex-Resident

All four of my children were removed from me by social services in December 2012, a month later I entered Studio House, it was the best thing I’ve ever done and well worth giving up my flat and furniture for. My children were placed up for adoption. I learnt not only how to remain abstinent, but received support over my children and the court processes involved, I completed the program and moved into shared accommodation with other ex-residents at the end of 2013. Two and a half years later, I have all of my children back in my life, a beautiful home and a real purpose. I have gained self worth, learnt how to live interdependently, comprehended the word integrity and very importantly my life now continues to be crime free.
To sum up my journey “Everythings okay in the end, and if it’s not okay….its not the end!”.



27 years old – Ex-Resident

Engulfed by alcoholism day in and day out, life seemed like just an existence, a lonely and hopeless place – I didn’t know what to do, I was lost.  Then in November 2012 I came to Studio House for an assessment, I didn’t know what to expect but I had to do something. During my time at Studio House I was guided and supported as I began to discover who the real Ben was, and to find a lust of really living life again, and embracing all the love and beauty that I had denied myself for so long. Today, having been abstinent since December 2012, I am grateful to see the world with an open heart and mind, as I continue on my journey, sober and healthy.


Glen Jarvis

Service User & Carer Involvement Officer – Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership

I have been in contact with Studio House for nearly a decade through my role as Service User Involvement Officer, which involves seeking the views of people who have experienced issues around drug and alcohol use.

I have always enjoyed visiting Studio and meeting the staff and residents. They have adopted an innovative way of working that empowers residents and challenges them to take ownership of their own recovery as well as being involved in how the organisation works.

In terms of success, I can only report what I have seen. Over the years I have met many individuals who have said that Studio has changed their lives or saved their lives. Many have gone on to have sustained recovery and made significant contributions to the recovery field or the world in general. Some have said they didn’t like the approach, but usually go on to say that either they stuck with it and reaped the benefits, or they didn’t stick with it but look back and see that they missed an opportunity. In either case they usually report that their involvement with Studio has contributed in some positive way to their journey, even if they didn’t see it at the time.

Studio House offers something quite unique as an organisation and I never hesitate to suggest that people seeking help at least have a look at what it offers.


Graham Miller

CEO at Double Impact – Presenting their Community Impact Award 2014 to Studio House

The winner of this award are a small independent organisation who do huge life changing things; they show those who have had no structure or boundaries how to live without substances and how to progress in recovery and take responsibility for their lives. The individuals who staff the project commit a lot of their own personal time and experience to enable others to succeed, the team are clear in their views and values and are truly dedicated to trying to help those suffering from substance misuse problems. Their role in promoting abstinence based recovery using an holistic approach within a therapeutic community, encourages and empowers their residents to take responsibility for their future recovery. Over the last 18 months they have been through a lot of difficult changes and they have coped against adversity and really pulled their resources together in an admirable way. One nomination we received simply said of Studio House, “if they can help, they will”.



33 years old – Ex-Resident & now current member of staff

Ians Story : filmed in summer 2014

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yVDfkrpzRs