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Abstinent Lifestyle Development Programme

We run a peer-based, holistic approach to recovery.

Our programmes foundations are established on the dimensions of wellness. These are adapted to an individual’s needs. Some examples include: emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, multicutural, occupational, financial, creativity, social, medical, and mental.

We do this through a 3 phase program that takes 9-12 months; this can be extended depending on individual circumstances.
Induction > Community > Senior

Induction Phase (Dependent Living)

A typical resident will complete this phase around four months, whilst in the induction phase residents are expected to identify the predominant issues that need to be dealt with, which have led to a dependency on drugs and/or alcohol. In this time they will have spent that period in sustained abstinence.

Community Phase (Independent Living)

This phase is where a person addresses their life issues and begins to make the necessary life changes to build their recovery journey. At some stage during Community Phase, residents will become a coordinator and take on more responsibilities. As a coordinator, they will learn to find a balance between personal needs and role responsibilities. On completion of this phase a ‘peer’ statement is made; where the resident will write a statement of their learning so far and what recovery tools they will take into the next phase.

Senior Phase (Inter-Dependent Living)

In this phase, residents begin to live more independently, strengthen their own support networks and complete our resettlement package. The journey stops being about the programme and turns to their involvement in society. Completion of the Senior Phase occurs when a ‘Pledge’ is made; where the client defines how they see themselves in recovery and how they want others to see them.

What happens day to day?

The weekly programme varies slightly each day to experience a variety of different group structures and styles. The programme is also designed to flex & to meet situations/issues as they arise. Residents will have ‘informal’ space which they can use for personal reflective work or deal with practical matters. Part of the programme includes one-to-one sessions which incorporate a set of tools to support an individuals development.


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