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Abstinent Lifestyle Development Programme

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We run a peer based, holistic approach to recovery, dealing with all aspects of self – Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

There are a number of phases in place, all of which play their part in upholding the environment of the project.  They are outlined below:

1. Induction Phase

During this phase you will be given personal written work to help you identify what issues you are here to address. You will be asked to give your life story to the group and engage with your peers in defining the purpose of your stay. After an initial period of approximately 2 – 3 months there will be a completion celebration. The first part is a meeting in which you present your issues to the group and listen to their feedback and their views on your work. The second meeting is a chance for you to show how you have listened to your peers and incorporated their views into your statement of purpose. During this review you will be assessed on your progress in sustaining your recovery and your suitability for continuing the placement.

2. Community Phase

This phase is still focussed on the internal Day Programme structures. You will learn to manage budgets, allocate tasks, plan, issue consequences and be accountable at the Resident’s Council Meetings. Having identified your work and what parts of the structure you intend to use to complete this work, the Community Phase offers a chance for you to take responsibility of some aspect of the day-to-day running of the project. There are four Coordinator roles – the Induction, Maintenance, Cleaning and Catering Coordinators, these responsibilities provide great learning opportunities and skills development in readiness for moving into the community. Your Community Phase will last 4 – 6 months and concludes with a second celebration in which you share a Peer Statement with the group, friends and family. Your Peer Statement is a process in which you can identify the work you have completed whilst with us which has been verified and agreed by staff and peers. You will also identify 4 voluntary commitments, internally or externally, which you intend to undertake whilst in Senior Phase.

3. Senior Phase

As a part of on-going recovery residents who have completed the first two phases are encouraged to enter a Senior Phase. This is an outward facing phase where you involve yourself in activities in the community. Living in a shared household, you will be expected to determine your own standards of living and maintain your abstinence lifestyle successfully with the use of your support systems developed in the previous phase. You will be involved in a ‘Continued Support Group’, a weekly, peer-based group, regular house meetings to sort out bills and living issues, a specialisation that keeps you in touch with the project and the new residents in touch with you. Specialisations may include running group sessions, joining in with activities, helping with office systems, etc. This phase lasts about 3 – 6 months as required and you will move into independent living. To complete as a senior, you will be expected to work on a Pledge. Your Pledge is your statement of who you are now, who you are no longer and how you expect others to see and act towards you. It is a powerful commitment shared with your community and designed by yourself as a creative expression and sets the tone of how you are choosing to leave the project.


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