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Volunteer @ Studio


As the sign above our front door says – The Best Volunteer is Free’

This isn’t meant in just a financial way but also in a spirited way. As part of the Senior phase we encourage residents to return to the main house to volunteer both their time and experience to those just starting off in the program, in fact several of our permanent staff have come through the program as residents, then came back as volunteers and are now employed team members.

Studio House could not exist without its team of volunteers – end of!

If you feel you have anything to contribute to us, be it as a qualified mini-bus driver, a skilled thearapist, a keen gardener or someone who is just available to help out generally then please contact Dean on 0115 9704245 or email him at dean.edmonds@studiohouse.org.uk.



For all our current volunteer vacancies please look on our Do-It listings,


General Notes

For all our current volunteer positions we currently offer the following,

  • Reimbursed travel expenses
  • Full support and supervision
  • Full induction
  • Meals included

Please see – Our Volunteers